Zia Lucia is now a Card only restaurant

The best flour for a perfect pizza dough…or you go to Zia Lucia!


Which is the best flour for a healthy and tasty pizza base? What flour may I use for my homemade pizza dough? Why not just go to Zia Lucia?
Watching the best pizza movies goes well with a tasty Zia Lucia pizza


What about seeing a pizza movie while eating the best Italian pizza in London? Let's speak about iconic pizza scenes and let's enjoy a slice of pizza!
When you feel like having a black pizza in Islington, Hammersmith, Aldgate East, Wembley, Wandsworth


Eating a black pizza it’s not just a matter of trends, but it’s also good for your health, due to the presence of activated charcoal in the dough.    When you feel like having a black pizza in London What about an Italian charcoal pizza? Having a pizza with your friends or family is always […]
Zia Lucia Launches Wandsworth Site & New Range Of Italian Beers

Restaurant News

Delivery: Faster than ever London’s well-loved independent pizzeria Zia Lucia is set to bring its famous 4 doughs to a new South London location, on 11th December 2020. Having first opened in Islington in 2016, Zia Lucia has survived two lockdowns by refining its delivery service, and is now focusing on positive times ahead with […]
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