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When you feel like having a black pizza in Islington, Hammersmith, Aldgate East, Wembley, Wandsworth



Eating a black pizza it’s not just a matter of trends, but it’s also good for your health, due to the presence of activated charcoal in the dough.


When you feel like having a black pizza in London

What about an Italian charcoal pizza?

Having a pizza with your friends or family is always a great idea, or at least it is what Claudio and Gianluca, the founders of Zia Lucia pizzerias, use to say. Savouring the amazing taste of a real Italian style pizza can surely bring you joy and satisfaction both in a lunch break and in a family potluck, but you might be surprised to know that pizza cannot only be a pleasure for the palate, but also a good way to take care of yourself.

We must also say that when the use of activated charcoal in pizza doughs started to spread all over the world, many people found it a little weird, mainly because of the unexpected black colour of the pizza bases, but it conquered people’s heart very quickly. The beauty of adding the vegetable charcoal to the recipe is twofold: for its health benefits and high digestibility, and at the same time to give a different taste – crispier which matches perfectly with certain ingredients such as cheesy succulent pizzas.

Activated charcoal, in fact, is not a plain carbon powder but, due to its peculiar manufacturing process, has the power to bind tightly with different toxic substances we might have in our system. This way the presence of activated carbon in our pizza base can help us to eliminate toxins and drugs in our stools without the body absorbing them. The reason is that our body cannot actually digest activated charcoal and thus all the chemical substances, such as drugs or toxins, that bind to it pass through our digestive system without being absorbed.

Nevertheless, its detoxing power is just one of the beneficial properties of the vegetable activated charcoal we use in our black pizza dough. For instance, activated carbon is very helpful to assist kidney functions because its absorbing properties can filter out many indigested toxins or drugs. This way it lightens the load of renal functions. Have you ever thought you can help your kidneys by eating a tasty Italian pizza?

The many benefits of a charcoal pizza

Using activated charcoal in our black pizza dough recipe, therefore, is not a commercial gimmick for catching new customers among London pizza lovers, but it does bring a real benefit to our health, and adds a great peculiar taste – crispy, digestible and great with cheese.

In fact, black dough can be not only detoxing, but also helpful in the elimination of intestinal gas problems, reducing excessive gas accumulation by neutralizing it with activated charcoal. Moreover, the absorbent properties of this unusual ingredient can also improve the health of the mouth and the whole digestive system.

We can also appreciate even better the activated charcoal benefits if we consider that a strong concentration of this vegetable substance is sometimes used in emergency rooms for curing poisonings or drug overdoses.

Of course, Zia Lucia’s charcoal pizza dough contains only a small amount of activated carbon and even our best pizza cannot save you from poisoning, but you can be sure that our black pizza is tasty, easily digestible, detoxing and healthy.

Is black pizza just a new trend in catering?

The world of catering, like any other economic sector, moves on with innovations and trends, renewing itself while it carries on some successful traditions. Many innovations, anyway, turn out to be just temporary trends that evaporate more or less quickly, while a few others manage to become new standards in the restaurant business.

Furthermore it’s clear that for pizza lovers the main innovation in the last few years has been the increasing variety of doughs, that started to be developed out of the research about the health needs of customers with gluten intolerance.

The activated charcoal pizza dough is surely one of the best products that emerged from these studies in contemporary cuisine. It combines the amazing Italian pizza tradition with the modern attention to health and well-being, enjoying great success among our customers.

We can readily predict that black pizza won’t be only a temporary trend in catering, but it aims at becoming a lasting innovation in pizzerias worldwide. The trump card of this novelty is that with an activated carbon dough you can have food that does not cause gas generation, enjoying a tasty Italian pizza with the same pleasure as always.

Zia Lucia offers you in all its restaurant – Aldgate East, Wembley, Hammersmith, Islington and Wandsworth – the traditional flavour of an Italian pizza with a variety of 4 doughs for the base. And obviously, among them, our activated charcoal black dough: detoxing, digestible and healthy.

Black Pizza: evocative flavour, dramatic look, digestive gas-absorbing capabilities.