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Which dough?

Zia Lucia’s unique variety of Italian 48-hour slow fermented doughs are inspired by ancient traditions brought from across Italy to London. The recipes range from the traditional flour dough to an unusual vegetable charcoal black base, from a healthy wholemeal option to special dough made without gluten. The menu at Zia Lucia continuously evolves to include new experimental doughs, following the creativity of Zia Lucia’s formidable pizzaioli.

The team behind Zia Lucia is continuously researching into the art of dough making: taste and digestibility is what we are obsessed about.

Vegetable Charcoal

Evocative flavour, dramatic look, digestive gas-absorbing capacities


Rich in fibres, strong fragrance, earthy taste

Made Without Gluten*

Gluten-free flour. Crispy and delicate taste

*Although ingredients are gluten-free, there might be traces of gluten as there could be contaminations during the pizza making process


Traditional dough, unconventionally light

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