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The benefits of fibers for an healthy pizza



Fiber in food: an healthy way of eating

You’ve probably heard that high fiber foods are good for you, but maybe you’ve never thought that a juicy pizza could be one of them. In fact fibers in food are crucial for your health, mostly for the following key benefits.

Firstly, you must know that fibers slow down the rate in which sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream, and so, when you eat a food high in fiber, such as our wholemeal dough pizza, the sugar in it is absorbed slower, keeping your blood glucose levels from rising too fast. This is very good for your well-being because spikes in glucose fall rapidly, which can make you feel hungry again soon and lead to over-eating.

In addition, fibers make your intestines move faster, giving you quickly a sense of satiety, and cleans your colon, acting like a scrub brush. This scrub-brush effect helps clean out bacteria and other buildup in your intestines, and, this way, reduces the risk for colon cancer.

Finally, as it is mostly well-known, fibers help keeping you regular. In effect, a high-fiber diet helps you to have soft, regular bowel movements, reducing constipation.

High-fiber foods are indeed good for your health, but they don’t have to be sad and bland! We at Zia Lucia think that the best way to help you maintain a diet rich in fiber is to offer you our tasty and gratifying Italian pizzas with a wholemeal dough very rich in fiber. Any pizza at Zia Lucia can be chosen on 4 types of dough including a wholewheat dough.

Food High in Fiber and Where To Find Them

Ok, let’s assume that fiber is good for our health, but which food is high in fiber? The answer is quite simple, experts say, but probably that’s not what you want to hear: fruit, vegetables and legumes are the food with the highest fiber content!

Yes, you got that right: not burgers, grilled meats, chips or desserts, but pears, strawberries, apples, carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lentils, chickpeas, oats

If you love a healthy diet, it’s well-known, you must eat a lot of vegetables, replace often meat, eggs and cheese with legumes and have at least two portions of fruit a day. This kind of diet is the best for your general well-being, not only because in this way you will eat the right amount of fiber, but also to keep your cholesterol under control and get all the vitamins you need.

We know, however, that eating is not only a matter of healthy nutrition, but also being together, gratifying oneself and enjoying one of the most beautiful pleasures of our life. On the other hand, there is no doubt that Italian pizza rhymes with pleasure, conviviality and gratification and that’s the reason why Zia Lucia gives you the option to choose its wholemeal pizza dough, among the four types available. Any pizza at Zia Lucia can be chosen on 4 types of dough, including a wholewheat dough.

A wholemeal pizza dough in London

If you are looking for a real wholemeal pizza dough you must try Zia Lucia, ordering in one of its restaurants in London: Aldgate East, Islington, Wembley, Wandsworth or Hammersmith. We have prepared for you a wholemeal pizza base really rich in fiber and with an intense and original flavor, to make each of our pizza even tastier, with the toppings of your choice.

You can try pairing our wholemeal dough with our tastiest toppings, such as Nduja or Spicy Burrata, and you will feel how these strong Italian flavors blend well together, combining an healthy pizza base with our most intriguing and gratifying ingredients. Even our most delicate and refined Italian pizzas go well, however, with our wholemeal dough. For example you should absolutely try our Red Vegana or Ortolana wholemeal pizza to find out how fragrant and palatable can be a healthy pizza, joining the benefits of vegetables fibers with those of wholemeal flour.

In effect, Zia Lucia restaurants menu gives you the choice among many types of tasty Italian pizza toppings: from simple tomato, mozzarella and basil (the well-known Margherita) or tomato, mozzarella, anchovies and capers (the Napoli) to gourmet pizzas with mozzarella, gorgonzola, fresh sausage, honey and truffle oil (our signature Arianna pizza) or with tomato, mozzarella, Parma ham, rocket and parmigiano (our famous Centurione pizza).

You can order any pizza with the kind of dough you prefer, choosing among our 4 pizza dough types: the traditional, the gluten-free, the one added with vegetable charcoal and, of course, our unique wholemeal pizza dough, rich in fiber, with an earthy taste. All our pizzerias in London –  Aldgate East, Wembley, Islington, Wandsworth and Hammersmith – can serve you, comfortably at home, a healthy and tasty pizza made with our wholemeal dough, giving you the benefits of fibers without sacrificing the amazing pleasure to enjoy a real savory Italian pizza!